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June 5 Employee Huddle

June 5, 2020

Please Note: Time did not allow us to answer every submitted question, so we will get to unanswered questions at next week's KD Huddle. Submit a question now for next week by e-mailing

Questions from Employee Huddle on June 5, 2020

1. Can you explain the masking policy?

  • Something that might help people understand why they should wear a mask: Some say it is living in fear (wearing a mask) but it’s along these lines. Is wearing a safety belt living in fear? Is wearing a helmet living in fear? Masks are along the same process.

2. How is the antibody testing going? How many employees have been tested? How many are positive for the antibodies?

  • Are the antibody tests attributing to the increase in employee positive cases? Meaning are they being counted if an employee tests positive with the antibody test.

3. Do we know if the employee positive cases are work related or are they from exposure within the community?

  • We investigate each case and make a determination on whether we believe there is exposure at work or from community exposure. At this point, about … are from work and … are otherwise.

4. Reports are saying a vaccine may be available in early 2021. How soon after the vaccine is available will KD administer it to employees?

5. Many departments are doing a “pay it forward” with buying another department lunch. But, in listening to last week’s huddle regarding potlucks, is this okay?

  • If the food is from a local restaurant and there are individual servings or social distancing while serving with washed hands and masks, yes. It’s important to use common sense regarding sharing and space.

6. If yes, what are the guidelines if food is brought in from a restaurant and left in one location, do employees serve themselves one by one and not in a group?

  • Yes.

7. If employees that are working remote start coming back to the office in July, as flu season ramps up again in October, would there be a possibility of working remotely again?

  • To be determined based on state and county guidelines – probably with consideration for the exposure rate in the community.

8. Do you think COVID, along with the regular flu, will be rampant in the coming months and we will have to stay at home again?

  • I think it is too soon to tell; we hope we have a mild COVID and flu season this next fall and winter.

9. Is there the possibility of clergy visits resuming before general public visits?

  • Our Chaplains led by Kent Mishler are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Visiting clergy will be allowed by exception only for now. When our Command Center determines it is safe, we will allow them to return. We do know how important spiritual support is, especially from one’s own belief.

10. Will employees with reduced hours still have their time protected and if so how long will this last?

  • I think this question pertains to status for benefits, for example, full time or part time. If so, there is not a protection for this. We adjust schedules and status based on volumes and need. If an employee is affected by a change in status, we will give notice of that in advance.