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April 10 Employee Huddle

Friday, April 10, 2020

Please Note: Time did not allow us to answer every submitted question, so we will get to unanswered questions at next week's KD Huddle. Submit a question now for next week by e-mailing

  1. There is a growing concern about what staff can expect regarding pay and time off if they become sick and cannot work or if a family member becomes sick and they need to stay home to care for the family member. Can you explain whether there are any government programs that will help (state disability, Paid Family Leave), which time bank (PTO or EIB) would be used to make up the difference in pay between the government benefit and our normal compensation, the duration of the benefit, and under what circumstances staff could be required not to come to work for COVID illness/exposure and would NOT be eligible for government aid.
  2. Have we considered screening ALL staff before entering the building as a precaution?
  3. Do we feel like we have prepared staff adequately in safety procedures when taking on certain roles such as screening people at the entrances?
  4. Will staff be receiving any kind of hazard pay during this time, due to being essential workers?
  5. Will the bonus pay for extra shifts be extended to other staff members, like LVN's/CNA's, etc. who are picking up extra shifts during this time?
  6. Kaweah Health’s Mask Policy
  7. When should a staff member request to work from home?
  8. Some employees are being flexed off due to low patient numbers. If they choose to use PTO will they still qualify for unemployment Insurance?
  9. Have there been any talk of district-wide layoffs happening?
  10. If a clinical worker is furloughed right now, are they able to temporarily work at one of the hotspots in the country without losing their place here?
  11. Should managers refrain from holding staff meetings and luncheons if they cannot abide by the 6 ft. distance rule?
  12. Do we have a plan in place at KD to test patients after they have died that were not tested during their stay?
  13. With the closure of the school districts and daycares what are we going to start doing for our staff regarding childcare options?
  14. Do we offer financial assistance to our employees, like single parents?
  15. When employees are cleaning office and rooms, does the vacuum spread aerosol germs throughout the air?
  16. If an employee has been exposed and is now being followed by Employee Health, but still coming to work, should that employee self-isolate from their family at home for 14 days?
  17. What is the process of notifying employees when a patient is positive?
  18. How many symptoms would a healthcare worker need to have in order to get tested?
  19. If a pregnant staff member is identified as exposed, are there any additional protective measures being taken for them?
  20. When will Kaweah Health resume elective surgeries such as total knee and hip replacement?
  21. If patient and family member are both COVID positive. What will it take to be able to allow the family member to come and visit, if the patient gets to an end of life situation?
  22. At this time in order to meet insurance requirements an employee must work a set amount of hours to maintain coverage. What happens if they are docked and choose not to use PTO and do not meet the required amount of hours? Can this requirement be placed on hold during this unique situation?
  23. Are we testing all new hires, even if asymptomatic, to prevent a new wave of transmission?
  24. What is the plan for our patient remains when or if our fatalities increase?
  25. How will Kaweah Health be using the employee text alerts?
  26. Is Broderick Pavilion ICCU going to be used as a 'last resort' or will it be used shortly?
  27. How is Kaweah Health doing financially?