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HICS Organizational Chart

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Incident Commanders: Keri Noeske and Gary Herbst

​Safety Officers

Maribel Aguilar and Todd Noeske

​Medical/Technical Specialists

Shawn Elkin, James McNulty, Dr. Kona Seng, and Dr. Daniel Boken

Public Information Officers

Laura Florez-McCusker and Deborah Volosin

Liaison Officers

Mary Laufer and Marc Mertz

Operations Section Chiefs: Jon Knudsen, Emma Mozier, and Jessica Rodriguez

Medical Care Branch - ED Directors

Bradley Danby and Billy Walker

Medical Care Branch - Inpatient Director

Kari Knudsen

Medical Care Branch - Post Acute Director

Lisa Harold

Medical Care Branch - Mental Health Director

Jaime Hinesly

Clinic Operations Branch Director

Jessica Rodriguez

Infrastructure Branch Director

Dieter Reichmann

Security Branch Director

Miguel Morales

Business Continuity Branch Director

Luke Schneider

Planning Section Chiefs: Dan Allain, Jag Batth, and Ryan Gates

Situation Unit Leader

Emma Mozier

Documentation Unit Leader

JC Palermo and Lisa Wass

Demobilization Unit Leader

Jag Batth and Ryan Gates

Logistics Section Chiefs: Steve Bajari and Dianne Cox

Service Branch Director

Melissa Withnell

Support Branch Directors

Raleen Larez and Gloria Simonetti

Resources Unit Leader

George Jauregui

Finance/Administration Section Chief: Malinda Tupper

Time Unit Leader

Jennifer Stockton

Procurement Unit Leader

Steve Bajari

Comp/Claims Unit Leader

Maria Hernandez

Cost Unit Leader

Kari MacDonald and Lori Muliniks

Revenue Integrity Unit Leader