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Transitional Care

Department Name: Transitional Care Services [TCS]

TCS Transitional Care Services Transitional care is designed much like a med-surg unit. We take patients that are not ready to go home and need a little more time to be successful at home. We do lengthy IV ABX, big wounds that need a lot of care and observation.

  • Wounds that need nursing care and monitoring
  • Long term IV antibiotic therapy
  • Patients that require additional PT and OT to be able to manage at home.
  • End of Life Care.
  • Pain control

In a brief statement, from a staff perspective, what is most rewarding about working on your unit?

We usually get to have a patient a little longer and get to know them and their families. Patients become very much a part of our treatment team. The relationship we develop with our patients and families is very rewarding.

Selling features/top reasons to work in unit:

  • Great staff.
  • Knowledgeable and skilled
  • Dr. Caballes is our physician that sees most of our patients and he is always available and supportive
  • Great place to use all your nursing skills.
  • Parking is not a problem at south campus

Special Services/Programs/Projects:

  • End of life care.
  • PT/OT

Unit details:

  • Number of total positions on Unit: Day shift has 2 RN, 1.5 LVNs, 3 C.N.As, 1 Unit Secretary. Noc shift has 2 RNs, 1 LVN, and 2 C.N.A.s
  • Average patient ratio: Do not have ratios but usually 1;6-7
  • Planned expansion (and timeframe): none
  • Total number of beds in the unit: 22
  • Average census, census range: 17
  • Length of Patient Stay: 2-6 weeks

Scheduling details:

  • Shifts offered (i.e., 8, 10, 12 hours): 12 hrs.
  • Weekend requirements: every other
  • Holiday requirements: half.
  • Call requirements: none

Technology / Equipment commonly used:

  • Wound vacs. IV pumps,

Candidate screening:




ASN degree

BSN degree



Years experience