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Rehab Short Stay

Department Name: Acute Rehab/Short Stay

Acute rehab specializes in patients with significant function decline diagnoses such as amputation, tramatic brain injury, strokes that require aggressive three hours of therapy a day along with 24 hour nursing care needs.

Short stay is typically for patients with orthopedic needs or debility that requires short term therapy and nursing care to be able to return home.

In a brief statement, from a staff perspective, what is most rewarding about working on your unit?

The ability to see a patient improving independence and mobility and know that you had an impact on their rehabilitation and nursing care.

Selling features/top reasons to work in unit:

  • Working as a team to prepare patient for safe discharge.
  • The ability to really get to know patients and to know their barriers and plan a personal care plan to assist them in their recovery

Special Services/Programs/Projects:

  • CARF – Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
  • 40% are CRRN nurses – Certification of Rehabilitation Registered Nurses
  • 19% are Med Sur nurses – Certification of MedSurgical Nursing

Unit details:

  • Number of total positions on Unit: HUCs (2), CNA (23), LVN (11), RNs (28), NM (1), ANM (1)
  • Average patient ratio: 5:1 in Rehab, 7-8 :1 in Short stay
  • Planned expansion (and timeframe): No
  • Total number of beds in the unit: 61 beds (45 Rehab, 16 Short stay)
  • Average census, census range: 20 Rehab,/ 12 Short stay
  • Length of Patient Stay: 12-14 days Rehab/ 10-12 days Shortstay

Scheduling details:

  • Shifts offered (i.e., 8, 10, 12 hours): 12 hours
  • Weekend requirements: 4-5 weekend days/6 week schedule
  • Holiday requirements: 2 holidays during Nov/Dec/Jan required
  • Call requirements: 2 hours prior to shift for sick day

Technology / Equipment commonly used:

Bladder scanner/ PVR,


IV therapy


Lab draws

Candidate screening:




ASN degree

BSN degree




Years experience