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Javier Avila

Good Catch Award


Javier Avila, RN

As the largest healthcare workforce, nurses apply their knowledge, skills, and experience to care for the varying and changing needs of their patients. Nurses are at the front lines of care and are in a key position to discover and help resolve concerning situations, which is why Javier Avila, RN, is so deserving of a “Good Catch” Award.

A patient needing a procedure came into Javier’s care. He conducted a thorough assessment in preparation for the procedure. By doing so he found issues that needed to be addressed before moving forward. Because of a language barrier, a thorough and careful assessment was even more critical. He immediately called the provider and discussed his findings with the patient’s primary physician and nephrologist. Needless to say the procedure was cancelled.

Nurses can be proactive and engage in discussion with the ordering provider and collaboratively think through the cause and treatment needed for each patient. We thank Javier for using his knowledge and skills to advocate for each patient he encounters.